Running for RHAP: Kait Lynes


Runner Kait Lynes

Kait Lynes is one of five RHAP supporters running for RHAP in the 2018 United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon.  Learn more about Kait and why she is running for RHAP.

-What led you to become involved with RHAP? / How did you learn about us?

I first learned about RHAP through my friend Sylvia who volunteers for the organization (and is also running the half!), and I could tell immediately that RHAP makes a real impact on a cause I care deeply about.

-What was your first experience with RHAP?

This is my first experience! I can’t wait to get to know the rest of the team running the half marathon for RHAP and everyone who works behind the scenes to ensure better access to reproductive health.

-Why do you want to be involved now? What motivates you to be involved in the field of reproductive health?

I’ve been inspired to volunteer in the field of reproductive health for most of my twenties. After I graduated from university, I moved to South Africa to work for the public health nonprofit Grassroot Soccer which educates young adults about HIV prevention. One of GRS’ core programs works specifically with young women, challenging gender norms and promoting better reproductive health and access to health services in South Africa. Now in NYC, I volunteer as an escort for unaccompanied women who come to the city for an abortion and legally need someone to pick them up from their appointment after receiving anesthesia. In our current political climate, I believe it’s more important than ever to continue fighting for equal access to medical care in all its forms.

-Why did you choose RHAP to be an organization that you’re committed to?

Growing up in a rural community in the Midwest where nearby reproductive health services weren’t always guaranteed, and then later volunteering for women’s health organizations abroad and in NYC, I have personally seen how communities are negatively affected when women cannot receive reproductive health services, but I’ve also seen how they can thrive when women have equal access to medical care and feel empowered to use these services without stigma. RHAP’s work strongly aligns with my values, and I want to support their work in bringing individuals of all socioeconomic levels safe access to abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care from their primary health care providers, whether they’re in communities across the US like where I grew up or around the world where these services are non-existent or heavily stigmatized.

-Is there anything else you’d like to share?

This will be my second half marathon (I’ve also run two marathons), so I can’t wait to hit the pavement for RHAP and improve my PR too! Click here to support Kait!


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