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The Supreme Court to Weigh in on Crisis Pregnancy Centers


On March 20, 2018, the Supreme Court heard the case NIFLA v. Becerra, which centers around the constitutionality of a California state law called the Reproductive FACT Act. This important piece of legislation sets standards for ensuring that visitors to clinics whose “primary purpose is providing family planning or pregnancy-related services” are properly informed about California’s low-cost family planning, pre-natal, and abortion services. The law also requires these clinics to publicly post information about whether their staff members are actually medically-licensed. This law is important because crisis pregnancy centers have historically withheld information from clients in order to mislead them, keeping them from being truly informed of their reproductive health care options. Mandatory factual disclosures like the type required under the Reproductive FACT Act are not new; states all over the country require them for various reasons for different businesses.

RHAP recently signed onto an amicus brief created by the Center for Reproductive Rights and the National Women’s Law Center which details the ways in which crisis pregnancy centers intentionally deceive women. If you’re concerned about the dangers of deceptive and misleading crisis pregnancy centers, you can get involved with an active campaign RHAP is proud to be a part of, #ExposeFakeClinics. We believe that all people should have access to accurate information about their reproductive health care options, and that fake clinics – which disproportionately target low-income women and women of color – need to be exposed for what they truly are. To show your support, go to to find out ways you can take action!

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