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We are excited to announce that our brand-new fact sheet, “Birth Control Across the Gender Spectrum,” is now available on our website and in our store. This patient education tool covers a comprehensive list of birth control options for folks of varied gender experiences, particularly for people taking gender-affirming hormones like testosterone. This is the first fact sheet of its kind in our resource library, and we feel that this is a critical step forward for us helping to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to family planning services-including contraception and abortion. We recognize that LGBTQI communities often experience trauma and discrimination in health care settings, and we aimed to create a resource that provides accurate and up-to-date information while helping to reduce stigma.

Like all of RHAP’s resources, “Birth Control Across the Gender Spectrum” has been rigorously field tested by clinicians who work with patients of varied gender experiences, as well as patients themselves. We are very grateful to the clinicians and end-users who spent time helping us to ensure that this fact sheet is comprehensive, easy-to-read, and culturally sensitive. Right now, this sheet is available in English, but we expect it to be available in Spanish and other languages soon!

RHAP’s patient education materials and clinical tools support effective communication between health care providers and patients, helping people make informed decisions about their reproductive health and care. All of our patient education materials are evidence-based, pharma-free, and field-tested. You can download them online for free at, or purchase hard copies at

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