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Actions You Can Take on International Safe Abortion Day


September 28 has been recognized as the International Safe Abortion Day since 1990, when Latin American and Caribbean activists banded together on that day to call for the decriminalization of abortion. Now, 28 years later, organizations around the world will mark this day by calling attention to the need for safe and legal abortion.

Here in the United States, we have work to do to keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible to everyone both on national and state fronts. Here are three things you can do on September 28th to make abortion safe and legal in the United States:

1. Make sure you are registered to vote! This year’s midterm elections could have a huge impact on the composition of our federal government. Make sure that the candidates running to represent you in the Senate and House reflect your values and vision. All states will allow you to vote in the midterms if you register by September 28. (Most have cut-offs in early October. Find out when the voter registration cutoff date is for your state here.)

2. Let your senators know that you want a Supreme Court Justice who will protect access to reproductive health care. There is no question that the Supreme Court Justice who fills the seat vacated by Justice Kennedy will have a big impact on the future of health care, especially reproductive health care, in the United States. We urge you to learn more about what it could mean for Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh to have a seat on the Supreme Court. The confirmation hearings start September 4th – help us #SaveSCOTUS. 

3. Support state advocates in Alabama, Oregon, and West Virginia who are fighting ballot initiatives that would restrict or prohibit abortion in their state. Learn more about these initiatives and connect with local groups working to preserve access to abortion in these states.

  • Oregon Measure 106, Ban Public Funds for Abortions Initiative. This measure would amend the state constitution to prohibit public funds from being spent on abortions, except when medically necessary or required by federal law. Oregon currently is the only state that does not have any laws restricting abortion.  Want to get involved in fighting Oregon’s Measure 106? Get involved in No Cuts to Care, a coalition of Oregon-based organizations working to defeat Measure 106.
  • West Virginia Amendment 1, No Right to Abortion in Constitution Measure. If approved, this measure would amend the West Virginia state constitution to state that “Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of abortion.” Reach out to WVFree to help fight Amendment 1.


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