Global Female Condom Day and World Contraception Day


On September 16, during Global Female Condom Day, advocates from around the world will be taking action to increase awareness and accessibility of internal condoms.

What is an internal/ “female” condom?

While external condoms (also known as “male” condoms) have been in use for over 150 years, an internal barrier method exists as well. The internal condom (also known as the “female” condom) is a great choice for people who prefer to avoid hormones and want protection from sexually transmitted infections. The internal condom can be used for vaginal and anal sex.

The internal condom is a tube with a closed end and flexible rings on each side. The closed side is inserted vaginally or anally. The condom’s external ring can help stimulate the clitoris during vaginal sex.

The internal condom can only be used once – it should be thrown away after use. It has no side effects and is considered a safe non-hormonal method. For pregnancy prevention, it’s 79% effective with typical use. It’s a great option for people with latex allergies, as most internal condoms are made with polyurethane or nitrile. Internal condoms cost about $1.75-$3.50 each.

Every year during World Contraception Day (September 26), activists partake in a global campaign to increase knowledge and access to family planning so that every person can make informed decisions on which contraception method works best for their sexual and reproductive lives.

Over the past year, discussions on internal condom accessibility have grown. As of June 2017, the internal condom manufacturer, Veru Healthcare, now requires a prescription. Unlike external condoms that frequently line the shelves of your local pharmacies and corners stores, making clinicians the gatekeepers of internal condoms further narrows peoples’ access to and familiarity with readily available birth control. Take action today. Contact Veru Healthcare and tell them to make internal condoms (FC2) over-the-counter:

Call: 1-800-274-6601 or 1-305-509-6897


Tweet: @FC2USA

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