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New Resource: “Sam’s Medication Abortion”


The Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP) is proud to provide accessible, evidence-based, and free educational materials on abortion, contraception, and early pregnancy loss for patients and clinicians. We strive to create materials that meet the needs of the entire RHAP community. With the many attacks on access to abortion services, we have been working hard to update our abortion materials and fill in any gaps we find. With this in mind, we are thrilled to present our latest resource to the RHAP community – a mini comic book, or zine, titled “Sam’s Medication Abortion.”

“Sam’s Medication Abortion” follows one person’s experience with using medication for an abortion. The content of the comic book takes our evidence-based resources and brings them to life through Sam’s story. As the reader, we follow Sam as they find out they are pregnant, consult with a friend, learn that medication is an option for abortion, take the pills, and deal with some of the symptoms and side effects of the medication.

Many people are unaware or misinformed about medication abortion (also known as the “abortion pill”). We hope that this zine will help inform people that medication is a safe and effective option for abortion and that readers will get a realistic look into what a medication abortion experience could be like. We hope the zine helps to educate readers on how medication abortion works and what someone can expect. We also hope that by telling Sam’s story, we are helping to normalize the experience of abortion and combat the reproductive stigma that is so pervasive.

We invite you to read through the zine, print it out, share it around, and post it on social media (and tag @RHAP1 so we can be part of the conversation). We’d love to hear your thoughts about our newest resource and how you plan to utilize “Sam’s Medication Abortion.” Send us your thoughts and reactions. Additionally, we would like to give a special THANK YOU to Kit Mills, the amazing artist who brought our vision to life!

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