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Last week was tough. Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri passed legislation effectively banning abortion in their states. Eight states–Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Utah–now have anti-abortion laws that criminalize clinicians and patients. Several more states, including Louisiana, have similar bans that are likely to pass in the coming weeks. These cruel and unconstitutional laws are the latest in a wave of extreme abortion measures being proposed all around the country in an attempt to get the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade.

It is time to take action.

Attend a rally on Tuesday, May 21. Join activists all around the country and speak out against abortion bans restricting access to reproductive health care. Find a rally near you.

Help us train more clinicians to provide abortion care. We’ve already trained nearly 100 clinicians this year. Help us reach our goal of training 440 by the end of the year.

Sign our petition to make mifepristone (aka the abortion pill) available by prescription.

Support local abortion funds like the Yellowhammer Fund in Alabama and Access Reproductive Health Care-Southeast that help people find and pay for abortion care.

Keep your fingers on the pulse by following organizations like Rewire.

Abortion care is basic health care. Join us in taking action to make sure it stays that way. #StoptheBans

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