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Building and fostering spaces for community is the core of RHAP’s organizing. Right now, during this time of social distancing, our largest platform for organizing is on social media. Beyond a lone tweet or hashtag, social media platforms have enabled us to amplify calls to action, further connect with primary care clinicians and allied organizations, debunk myths around reproductive health care and abortion, highlight the tireless work of our clinicians, share clinical resources, and shape the narrative to demonstrate how reproductive health and primary care are linked and need to be connected even more during this crisis. You can help us with this!

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We believe everyone should be able to receive reproductive health care—including abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care—safely, easily, affordably, with dignity, and without judgment. We believe full-spectrum, patient-centered care belongs in primary care. We believe abortion access should never be a bargaining chip in political games. We believe in evidence-based care, not junk science. Narratives are power and we are committed to uplifting content and resources that reflect our values as an organization dedicated to making reproductive health care accessible to everyone. Join us and play an important role in building our movement.

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