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Over the next 20 days, check in with RHAP’s social media (FacebookInstagramTwitter) for stories and quotes from clinicians across the U.S. about mifepristone and why it’s a critical part of medication abortion and early pregnancy loss care. Here is an account from a family physician in Colorado about why they think it’s important to provide mifepristone in primary care:

“Mifepristone is the natural next step to comprehensive contraception care – in so many of the common but nuanced scenarios around preventing pregnancy, having options to respond when pregnancy does occur feels like we are doing our due diligence. We are now dispensing emergency contraception and – for patients who can afford the self-pay rates required by our health system – providing medication abortion.

We continue to be hamstrung by payor issues – Colorado Medicaid does not cover abortion, and we cannot provide free or discounted abortion care to Medicaid patients. We are pursuing the [steps] required to develop a self-pay package, but for now, there is a narrow slice of people who can afford the several hundred dollars required for the visits, testing, and med itself. But it has worked! Our clinic leadership has been wonderful and our nursing staff has been engaged and collaborative.”

If you are a clinician and have a story about mifepristone to share, please e-mail Marisa Peters, RHAP’s Social Media Consultant, at

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