Voting How-tos


This upcoming election won’t be like anything we’ve ever seen before. Its outcome will determine the future of our healthcare, our environment, our reproductive rights, and our democracy as a whole. It’s more vital than ever for us, therefore, to utilize the political power vested in us by democracy and vote. Here are a few tips to make sure that your vote gets where it’s supposed to and is counted on time.

  • Be aware of voter registration deadlines in your state. They range from October 3 to October 27th, so be sure you’re registered by then!
  • Have a voting plan ready; decide if you’re going to be voting by mail, or in person on Election Day.
  • Most states require you to register to receive a ballot by mail, so check with your state if that’s what you’re planning on doing.
  • Request your ballot at least 15 days before Election Day, based on the recommendation of the USPS.
  • Fill out your ballot clearly and accurately, making sure you’re following all instructions.
  • Mail back your ballot at least a week before Election Day, or drop it off at designated drop-off boxes in your state.

If you’d like additional information, check out the ACLU’s Know Your Rights page, which walks you through the voting process and how to handle any potential problems that arise. This year, vote like your rights depend on it–because they do.

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