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This month we come together in celebration of Pride! Pride month, hosted each year in June, honors the dynamic and resilient LGBTQIA+ community and commemorates the 1969 Stonewall riots – a night of resistance foundational to the modern-day gay liberation movement. While June is a period for celebration, community, and love, we also recognize the barriers that LGBTQIA+ people continue to face in accessing health care year-round. Like contraception, miscarriage, and abortion care, necessary and gender-affirming health care for queer folks is often financially burdensome, relegated to urban areas or specialized clinics, shut out of insurance coverage, or simply not prioritized at the institutional level.

RHAP recognizes that our mission to make comprehensive reproductive health care accessible to everyone requires centering the needs of LGBTQIA+ folks in our work and celebrating what we know to be true: that all people deserve access to this essential care.  

RHAP is in solidarity with the queer folks within and throughout our organization, our community, our movement, and beyond. We are committed to prioritizing their experiences in our work and striving to ensure their access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion care. This month, we commit to sharing events and opportunities to learn during Pride, and throughout the year, we are committed to centering the needs of queer folks in our work. 

Resources & Actions:  

Donate to the Kentucky Health Justice Trans Health Advocacy Program 

Donate to the Trans Justice Funding Project 

Read or share RHAP’s Birth Control Across the Gender Spectrum Fact Sheet 

Donate to For the Gworls

Donate or work with your local mutual aid fund 

Donate to Trans Lifeline

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