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The Reproductive Health Access Store has been completely revamped with the help of WAKE (Women’s Alliance for Knowledge Exchange) and their Tech2Empower USA program! Tech2Empower USA connects leaders of social justice and women’s rights nonprofits from across the United States with dedicated, skilled advisors from top companies who volunteer their time and talents to tackle challenges identified by the organizations as critical to their work. Through Tech2Empower, RHAP was able to partner with Uber Freight to work on revamping our store.

The store was last updated in 2013. As you can imagine, a few things have changed since then. With that in mind, the main goal of this project was to create a more attractive store, with an engaging and user-friendly experience. We wanted the store to better market our patient education resources and clinical tools so more clinicians and health centers could purchase and utilize these materials to improve their reproductive health care provision and counseling. And our Tech2Empower team helped us do all this and more!

One of the newest changes to the store is an improved mobile experience, letting you browse more easily from your smartphone. Other amazing new features include the option to search for resources via their topic/subject, like contraception, abortion, or early pregnancy loss. And, it’s now easier to explore the store and still be able to return to the store homepage or visit the main RHAP resource page.

We would like to thank Shradha Balakrishnan, Julie Bui, and Katie McDonald from Uber Freight, as well as WAKE, and Tech2Empower for helping us with this project. We truly could not have accomplished all of this without you. Thank you for dedicating your time, effort, and skills to this project. We are so excited for everyone to start using our brand new Reproductive Health Access Store. While you are browsing the store, if you notice anything about the store that could be further improved please don’t hesitate to email us at with your suggestions. Thank you.

By: Brandy Bautista (she/her), Program Coordinator

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