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Mobilizing Small Business Power in the Fight for Abortion Access


For the past few weeks, I’ve seen colleagues, friends, and heroes feel the weight of the SCOTUS draft leak—indicating their decision to end constitutional protections on abortion care is more probable than we’d hoped. Although the draft was upsetting, and it may change, we bear in mind that abortion is still legal and we will not back down from this continuous fight for justice and that investing in our local communities/elections is more pertinent than ever!

This is a time to sit with our dismay and acknowledge our anger. This is also a time to scream into your pillows and vent to a friend. But let’s not forget, this is also a time to organize, plan, and mobilize your communities, leverage your platforms, and make your voices heard. Talk about abortion with your customers, workplace colleagues, and collaborators. Express your outrage, loud and proud, and urge large corporations to get involved in the fight! Business owners are in a unique position to give back to their communities while ensuring they have access to sexual and reproductive health. 

My business, K.E.J. Services will be donating 50% of our proceeds to the Reproductive Health Access Project between May 11th and May 18th. We offer self-help guides for the abortion experience, candles for self-care, and cute t-shirts

Circulate this article widely – to your favorite business, small or large – and ask them to join in this week of action. Businesses are sustained by the trust and support of the people they serve. It’s time that we see full-blown support given to our right for bodily autonomy, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health, and our human right to abortion care as primary care.

by Khashae (Shae) Jackson, she/her, Organizing and Communications Associate

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