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Family Medicine Advocacy: Mobilizing at NCCL


“The AAFP is a powerful organization. Advocacy at NCCL gave me the opportunity to help direct AAFP policy and funds to causes that concern my patients and practice.” 

– Monica Agarwal, MD, New Jersey RHAP Fellow, and New Physician Delegate to NCCL

In April over 200 family physicians reunited in Kansas City for the first in-person convening of the National Conference of Constituency Leaders (NCCL) since the start of the pandemic. NCCL is the American Academy of Family Physician’s (AAFP) annual policy and leadership development meeting designed to amplify the voices of underrepresented constituencies within the Academy. During NCCL, family physicians who are part of member constituencies (women, minorities, new physicians, international medical graduates, and LGBTQ+ physicians) run for national leadership positions and have the opportunity to author and present resolutions. 

Fourteen Network members attended this year’s conference, advocating for several resolutions focused on reproductive health, rights, and other social justice issues. Resolutions included: Education about Self-Sourced Medication Abortion; Oppose Governmental Interference of Gender-Affirming Care for Minors; Improving Political Action Committee Contributions to uphold AAFP Values and more!

Three Network members were elected into national leadership positions, including one who will help organize next year’s NCCL meeting and act as an alternate representative within the AAFP’s policy-making body, the Congress of Delegates (COD). Mobilizing within NCCL provides a great opportunity for Network members to learn the ropes of the AAFP policy-making process and to push the Academy to start taking action on reproductive health and justice issues ahead of the fall Congress of Delegates meeting. In an increasingly hostile environment to bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom, professional associations are critical platforms to reject the criminalization of health care and amplify health equity issues at the state and national level. It is inspiring to see our Network members continue to organize as a community, build momentum, and engage with the Academy as a powerful platform to advocate on behalf of patients and colleagues.

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