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Since the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Health Women’s Organization to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, states where abortion access is secure (aka “surge states”) have experienced an unprecedented rise in patients who have the privilege and resources to travel out of state to seek care. This increased demand has put enormous strain on existing abortion care providers. 

The Reproductive Health Access Project has always supported primary care clinicians and health care organizations to integrate abortion care into practice, and we are now working with more clinicians and health centers than ever before. These health care providers are ready to help fill a critical void in abortion access by providing abortion care in their communities. 

We know that creating new access points for abortion care in primary care can help fill gaps in abortion access. This is why RHAP is excited to announce two initiatives that will directly support primary care clinicians and health centers to provide medication abortion right now when it is most needed. Check them out below!

Insights: A free, monthly clinical e-newsletter providing primary care clinicians with essential clinical guidance that reflects the latest evidence and centers on the experiences of individuals and communities who need access to this care. Modeled on our successful Contraceptive Pearls, Insights will share practical clinical practice guidelines and clinical tools and resources that reinforce and support evidence-based, person-centered abortion care, including post-abortion and self-managed abortion.

Training and Technical Assistance: Adding a new clinical service – especially one as highly charged as abortion care- requires a great deal of time, resources, and dedication. RHAP provides primary care providers with intensive support throughout this process, which includes clinical education, values clarification training, guidance in developing clinical policies, procedures, and protocols, support in billing and coding, legal help, and more! In order to meet the moment we’re in, we’re expanding our capacity to support health centers across the country in providing abortion care.

We can’t do all this work to expand access to abortion care without you! By making a donation today, RHAP can ramp up our critical support for our clinical community. 

Help us expand access to abortion care. Our clinician community and their patients need you.

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