Contraceptive Pearl: Internal Condom Accessibility

In June 2017, the internal condom’s manufacturer changed it from over-the-counter in pharmacies to prescription and online-only. 

There are now four ways patients can get the internal condom:

1. Prescription from a clinician;

2. Prescription from an online clinician;

3. Bulk order through the manufacturer’s website;

4. Community organizations that provide the condom.

Patients can purchase up to 24 condoms a month through the manufacturer’s website. However, this option is limited to people who are United States citizens who have internet access, a debit or credit card, and an address that accepts packages. The prescription model particularly affects underserved and low-income individuals who previously could have purchased the condom from a local drug store for $1.75-$3.50 each, compared to the online bulk price of $47.95 for a pack of 24.

Pulling the internal condom from the shelves reduces awareness of the product, while also requiring a delay before receiving the condom.

Bottom line: The internal condom should be accessible to all with the fewest possible barriers.

Please join us in taking action: ask the manufacturer to restore pharmacy over-the-counter access to the internal condom by clicking here.


Helpful Resources

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