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Values Clarification Workshop
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This curriculum provides new staff to the provision of abortion care an opportunity to assess their attitudes and beliefs regarding the issues surrounding abortion.

Coding for Vasectomy
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CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10, procedure, and other codes to use for documentation and billing of a vasectomy procedure.

Manual Vacuum Aspiration Consent Form
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A consent form that can be used when providing manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) for abortion or as treatment for a miscarriage, a failed medication abortion or for abnormal uterine bleeding.

Contraception: Update on Evidence
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This presentation is a teaching tool was created for a clinical audience to demonstrate how to use WHO/CDC categories for eligibility, how to counsel patients about contraceptive efficacy for successful prevention of unintended pregnancy and to address systems practices which can affect contraceptive initiation and continuation rates.

Birth Control Across the Gender Spectrum

This resource explains different birth control methods for people across the gender spectrum, with a focus on the effects of different forms of birth control on those taking gender-affirming hormones such as testosterone.