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Contraceptive Pearl: Introducing Liletta, a New Progestin IUD

Liletta, a new progestin intrauterine device (IUD), was approved by the FDA in February 2015 and should be available by the end of April. Liletta has the same size and shape as the Mirena and contains the same dose of levonorgestrel. Liletta’s inserter device has some of the features of the Paragard and some of…

Trauma-Informed Pelvic Exams

For patients with a history of sexual trauma, pelvic exams may trigger PTSD symptoms. The techniques outlined in this Contraceptive Pearl of trauma-informed care can lead to an easier exam.

Contraceptive Pearl: Non-Hormonal Contraception

Some women avoid hormonal contraception due to concern about side effects. Other women want to steer clear of all medications. Regardless of their reason, women who prefer to avoid hormones have a variety of contraceptive options available.