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The 2012 Family Medicine Residency Survey: The Results Are In!


Each spring, starting in 2007, RHAP conducts an annual survey of graduating 3rd year family medicine residents who have received abortion training.  We use information from the survey to help connect with newly trained family physicians and to build our Family Medicine Reproductive Health Network.  As of this spring, the Network had 429 members across 36 states.  Network members receive technical assistance from RHAP as they integrate reproductive health into their primary care settings. The Network also serves as safe, welcoming community of pro-choice health care providers who can offer support and guidance to one another.

This past spring, we sent our annual survey to 256 graduating 3rd year residents at 27 residency programs across the United States and got responses from 161 residents (63%). The survey asked residents what reproductive health skills they are trained in, if they feel competent, whether or not they intend to provide the service in their clinical practice.This year 44% of residents surveyed said they plan on providing abortion care and 71% plan to use their skills to manage early pregnancy loss.

Of those residents who do intend to provide abortion, 137 residents asked for support from RHAP.  71 clinicians want additional clinical training (44%), 43 want hands-on support setting up abortion care in their practice (26%), 50 requested to be connecting with a local clinician mentor (31%),  and 35 want to join our advocacy efforts (22%).  We are now connecting all these new graduates to our clinical tools and resources and pairing the those seeking a mentor with an experienced clinician from our Family Medicine Reproductive Health Network.

RHAP is already hard at work preparing for next year’s survey of graduating family medicine residents. Let us know if you have any questions about this year’s survey results or know of a residency program that should be included in our 2013 survey.

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