Spotlight on a Donor: Gayle Raskin


“I’m so fortunate that I could choose when to start a family and had access to legal abortion when I needed it.”

Gayle Raskin has volunteered with the Reproductive Health Access Project since 2015 after attending a screening of Vessel, a documentary about Women on Waves – a team of international women and medical professionals who aimed to prevent unsafe abortions by traveling on a boat to international waters near countries where abortion is illegal. Since then, she has been one of our most visible volunteers, donating her time to help stuff envelopes for our Spring and End-of-Year appeals, and lending a hand during our annual Roe v. Wade events. Reproductive rights have always been an interest and a priority for Gayle, who worked professionally as a social worker in the field of sexual violence until her third child was two years old. At that time, she switched fields to have more time to raise her children. 

“It is now my goal to ensure that my children and all others have the same access to reproductive health care that I have had. At this point in my life, I am extremely distressed about a political climate where our rights to abortion and comprehensive reproductive care are under threat, forcing us to fight fights I thought were long over and decided.” Because of this immediate need, Gayle has decided to focus more of her time and energy to pushing back against challenges to reproductive health care access, and to defending the rights of women seeking reproductive health care and those who provide it.

“I so appreciate RHAP’s commitment and the fact that they partner with primary care physicians to provide comprehensive reproductive health care to women throughout the country.” We are thankful for Gayle and her commitment to helping RHAP in every way she can, from volunteering for an event to helping us send out hundreds of letters. Thank you for your endless support. Click here to learn more about how you can volunteer with RHAP too!

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