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Dr. Nishant Shah is a family medicine and public health physician. He has worked in full-spectrum primary care, obstetrics, and abortion care for many years, as well as in behavioral health and addiction medicine. He is also a consultant supporting family planning programs and a trainer for the UCSF Bixby Beyond the Pill program.

Dr. Shah first learned about the Reproductive Health Access Project as a resident when he used our resources throughout his training. He began engaging more with RHAP when he moved to Baltimore. While working as a consultant with UCSF providing contraception training to primary care clinicians, he found RHAP to be a great resource and wanted other primary care clinicians to know the organization, which compelled him to join our Network’s Mid-Atlantic Cluster. Through the Cluster, he has been able to work with medical students and residents in the area and participate in legislative efforts.

“So much of my patients’ lives are enmeshed with sexuality, fertility, pregnancy, parenting, and contraception. In addition, the silos in many medical specialties prevent them from seeing reproductive health as health care. I am also grateful for the conversation and work done to ensure that resources using gender-affirming language are available and that reproductive justice stays at the center of our advocacy.”

Dr. Shah represented RHAP as a guest speaker for a RHAPpy Hour in March held in Washington, DC. Not only did he donate, but he also brought supporters into the room. He shared a compelling story about his experience as a clinician wanting to provide comprehensive care for a patient managing her miscarriage and talked about the increasing need for this important work around the country. It served as a wonderful reminder for the people already supporting RHAP’s work to stay engaged and inspired many new people to support us. If you would like to help organize a RHAPpy Hour in your city, please email us.

Thank you to Nishant Shah, MD for using your voice to shine a light on reproductive health access and for being a strong advocate for RHAP.

If you are a primary care clinician inspired by Nishant’s journey and would like to join our Network, click here.

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