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100 Days In: What Now?


Credit image to bradhoc

Credit image to bradhoc

The past few months have been an intense and busy time for us. We have readjusted some of our strategies in response to the new political landscape. Our organization can no longer just focus on expanding access to reproductive health care; we must now work just as hard to preserve the access we have.

We are resisting where we have to and moving forward where we can.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to sustaining and expanding our clinical training programs—the Miscarriage Care Initiative and the Reproductive Health Care and Advocacy Fellowship—and we are gearing up to launch an initiative to train and support more primary care clinicians to provide medication abortion. By training and supporting clinicians to provide abortion and miscarriage care, we are pushing back against the socio-political forces that seek to restrict access to reproductive health care for people across the country.

While the past few months have been difficult, we are emboldened by the tremendous support we have received. Here is a snapshot of the amazing support we have received over the past six months:

  • More than 300 people signed up to volunteer with us. We are working hard to create meaningful opportunities that take advantage of the skills and energy of our volunteers. Learn more about how to get involved with us here.
  • Our national network of pro choice clinicians has grown by 35% since November 2016. We have been able to start local Clusters (our chapters) in ten new states, for a total of 17. We are working hard to strengthen our infrastructure so that we can develop even more state-based Clusters in the coming year. Our national and local network members are engaging in advocacy, training, and education all with the aim of mainstreaming abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care. This work is more important now than ever!
  • The number of people donating to our organization, both big and small, has skyrocketed. Artists, actors, comedians, and musicians across the country are hosting fundraisers for us. This funding is allowing us to expand our on-the-ground work. We wouldn’t have been able to start working in ten new states without it.

So, yes, these first 100 days have been challenging. But together, with your support, we will resist with everything we have because what is at stake is everything we love.

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