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Nov 15

Peer to Peer (P2P) Fundraising Launch

Silpa Srinivasulu and Linda Prine both started Facebook birthday fundraising campaigns to benefit the Reproductive Health Access Project, asking their friends to support us for their birthdays! Together they raised a total of $2,161 for RHAP. Thank you Silpa and Linda!!!  Would you like to fundraise for RHAP? We just launched our own tools so that…

Nov 13

Native American Heritage Month

November was declared Native American Heritage Month in 1990. However, the fight for the celebration and national recognition of Native Americans’ and Alaskan Natives’ history, culture, and traditions began decades beforehand. Dr. Arthur C. Parker, historian and member of the Seneca Nation, was one of the early proponents of “American Indian Day.” During the early…

Nov 08

RHAP Speaks Out Against the Trump Gender Memo

The mission of the Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP) is to expand and protect access to reproductive health care for everyone – this includes people of all gender identities and expressions. For us, expanding and protecting access means ensuring clinicians have the training and resources to best serve the reproductive health needs of their entire community. This means…

Oct 23

Policy Highlights

Providing abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care in the United States shouldn’t be political, but it is. More and more local, state, and national laws and policies are being proposed and passed that affect nearly every aspect of the work we do. While we are not a policy making organization, we do collaborate with other groups…

Oct 16

Focus on a Cluster: Pennsylvania

“ [Judicial bypass procedures are] based on unclear legal criteria which create the double standard of requiring young people seeking bypasses to be ‘mature’ enough before they may choose to have an abortion but not have a child.” [1] What is a Judicial Bypass? In states like Pennsylvania, young people under the age of 18…