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Women’s History Month

Mar 30

Women’s History Month: Renee Bracey Sherman

“Reproductive justice is our past, present, and our future. It is the framework that our ancestors thrived on. We cannot fight for reproductive and human rights without centering marginalized communities, the people who have abortions, those who parent in poverty, across borders and disabilities, and at a young age, and seek adoption in our work.…

Mar 23

Women’s History Month: Loretta Ross

Loretta Ross is the definition of the word “survivor.” Ross has lived through sterilization abuse, rape and was forced to raise a child born of incest. Though these conditions, ones that affect women of color disproportionately, could have limited her potential, she instead became an advocate for women’s rights, diversity, and human rights. “I’ve been…

Mar 20

Women’s History Month

Since its establishment in 1987, Women’s History Month has been celebrated to honor achievements that women have contributed to American popular culture, politics, art, and other aspects of American history. In the second chapter of our yearlong reproductive justice campaign, the Reproductive Health Access Project is excited to highlight visible women who are change-makers and…

Mar 31

Transgender Day of Visibility

Our final day of #WomensHistoryMonth coincides with Transgender Day of Visibility. We want to shed light to the importance that trans activist Miss Major has contributed to LGBT rights and her work with the transgender community. Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, best known as Miss Major is a formerly incarcerated, black trans woman and pioneering activist in…

Mar 17

Women’s History Month: Helen Rodriguez-Trias

On the third Friday of Women’s History Month, we bring insight to a Latina pioneer in the medical and public health industry. Helen Rodriguez-Trias (1929-2001) was a Puerto Rican physician and advocate for the expansion of healthcare for marginalized persons (especially low income women and children of color). Her introduction to public health was mainly…

Mar 14

Women’s History Month

International Women’s Day was first observed in 1911 as the industrial revolution heightened and women were being more vocal about the oppression and inequalities that they were facing in society. Observed on March 8th every year, it took 70 years before Congress authorized President Carter to recognize the entire week of March 8th as “Women’s…