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notes from the field

Dec 31

Notes From the Field: Dr. E

For this month’s Notes from the Field, we are sharing a patient experience from one of our Network members, Dr. E. Dr. E is a former RHAP fellow and member of the Mid-Atlantic Cluster who practices in the Delmarva area of Maryland, which is largely rural. A few weeks ago, a 17-year-old female patient and her mother…

Dec 19

Notes from the Field: Joanna

The Family Medicine Resident: The first time I met Joanna* was when she and her husband came into the clinic to establish prenatal care. She was 9 weeks pregnant at that time. As soon as I walked into the room, I could tell that they were both so excited, and Joanna expressed to me that…

Oct 30

Notes from the Field: Dr. Mollie Jacobs

Dr. Jacobs is a family physician practicing in Colorado. Dr. Jacobs co-leads the Reproductive Health Access Project’s Colorado Cluster. “Back-to-school” Every year at this time, I see scores of young female patients on their way to college after summer vacation. As a mother of two young girls myself who I love more than the air…

May 01

M155.ED: Seen and Left Without Being Seen

The physician’s note about Ms. Z was nothing unusual: Patient exam is relatively benign.  Patient non-adherent with appointments and follow-up. Declines more reliable forms of birth control today- offered IUD and Depo. Patient wants tubal ligation, though also given information regarding vasectomy for partner. And that was the problem. Last week, I wrote about our…

Apr 21

Z53.21: Left Without Being Seen

Anita Ravi, MD, MPH, MSHP is a family physician engaged in clinical, research, and policy work focused on addressing gender-based violence and health. She is the founder and clinical director of the Institute for Family Health’s PurpLE Clinic (Purpose: Listen and Engage), a primary care clinic that serves people who have experienced sexual trauma, including…

Aug 22

Notes from the Field: Dr. Martha Simmons

In light of last month’s Supreme Court victory in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, we asked Dr. Martha Simmons, a 2015-2016 Reproductive Health and Advocacy Fellow, to share a recent patient experience that she found especially meaningful. “Danielle*, one of my regular patients, came to me for a Depo Provera shot. Previously, she had been…