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primary care clinicians

Oct 23

Welcoming our New Fellows!

Every year, RHAP welcomes a new cohort of primary care physicians who are dedicated to providing and teaching reproductive health care within family medicine to our Fellowship program. Take some time to get to know the wonderful physicians who have joined our team for our year-long Reproductive Health Care and Advocacy Fellowship (RHA). Ivonne McLean,…

May 16

Dr. Josh Steinberg Creates a Contraceptive App!

This month, we are highlighting Dr. Josh Steinberg, family medicine faculty member at UHS Wilson Family Medicine Residency in Binghamton, NY, who recently developed a Contraception Point-of-Care mobile app (iPhone and Android versions) that pulls together information and guidance from a variety of sources, including RHAP’s own clinical tools! This app is intended for clinicians and clinical trainees, making it easy…

Feb 28

Updates from the Network

The past few months have been an exciting time for the Reproductive Health Access Network, RHAP’s community of pro-choice primary care clinicians from across the country who work locally and nationally to expand access to comprehensive reproductive health care in their clinics and teaching practices. Since the election, at least 200 more pro-choice clinicians have…

Nov 11

Are you the clinical leader you want to be?

The Reproductive Health Care and Advocacy Fellowship is now accepting applications! This one-year fellowship is open to family physicians and aims to develop leaders who will promote and teach full-spectrum reproductive health care within family medicine. There are currently four fellowship positions available: three based in New York City at Institute for Family Health-affiliated residencies…

Jul 14

Focus on a Provider: Dr. Zahra Virani

 Zahra Virani is one of RHAP’s Reproductive Health and Advocacy Fellows for 2014-2015. We recently asked her about her experience in reproductive health, family medicine, and advocacy with Physicians for Reproductive Health’s Leadership Training Academy. “As a resident I was not able to get the exposure to advocacy that I would have liked. As a…