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Nov 13

Native American Heritage Month

November was declared Native American Heritage Month in 1990. However, the fight for the celebration and national recognition of Native Americans’ and Alaskan Natives’ history, culture, and traditions began decades beforehand. Dr. Arthur C. Parker, historian and member of the Seneca Nation, was one of the early proponents of “American Indian Day.” During the early…

Dec 12

We are Moving!

Since day one, the Reproductive Health Access Project has been getting free office space from a large community health center in New York City. This is really no small thing. Being embedded within a large, cutting edge primary care clinic allowed us to easily keep our fingers on the pulse of community health care. The…

Dec 26

Reflection on the Next Four Years

The political landscape for reproductive health care—in the face of the incoming administration and an anti-abortion Congress—will be challenging in the coming months and years. While there is a lot we don’t know for sure, there are some things we do know. We know that there are serious threats to the future of women’s health…

Nov 07

Reflections on the NLNI Fall 2016 Meeting

Laura Riker, RHAP Program Manager Naomi (RHAP’s Operations Associate) and I were able to attend the New Leadership Network Initiative (NLNI), a project of CLPP, a reproductive-justice focused organization. Reproductive justice holds that everyone should have the social, political, and economic power and resources to make their own decisions about their gender, bodies, and sexuality…

Nov 01

Welcome to RHAP: Rosanna Montilla-Payano

In October we welcomed Rosanna Montilla-Payano, RHAP’s Development Officer, as the newest member of the RHAP team. Rosanna’s passion for social justice, in particular issues of health care, education, women’s rights, and philanthropy make her an excellent match for our growing organization. Prior to joining the Reproductive Health Access Project, Rosanna worked as a Development…

Sep 13

Welcoming our New Fellows

Every year, RHAP selects a group of primary care physicians who are dedicated to providing and teaching reproductive health care within family medicine for our Fellowship program. Take some time to get to know the wonderful physicians who have joined our team for our year-long Reproductive Health Care and Advocacy Fellowship (RHA) and the two-year…