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birth control

Dec 31

Notes From the Field: Dr. E

For this month’s Notes from the Field, we are sharing a patient experience from one of our Network members, Dr. E. Dr. E is a former RHAP fellow and member of the Mid-Atlantic Cluster who practices in the Delmarva area of Maryland, which is largely rural. A few weeks ago, a 17-year-old female patient and her mother…

Jun 20

This June, Talk About Male Contraceptive Options

Reproductive health is an important component of overall health for everyone. Males, however, are often overlooked in discussions of sexual and reproductive health, especially discussions around contraception. This June, in honor of Men’s Health Month, we are highlighting resources that focus on birth control options for men. Your Birth Control Choice Fact sheet highlights all…

May 16

Dr. Josh Steinberg Creates a Contraceptive App!

This month, we are highlighting Dr. Josh Steinberg, family medicine faculty member at UHS Wilson Family Medicine Residency in Binghamton, NY, who recently developed a Contraception Point-of-Care mobile app (iPhone and Android versions) that pulls together information and guidance from a variety of sources, including RHAP’s own clinical tools! This app is intended for clinicians and clinical trainees, making it easy…

May 01

M155.ED: Seen and Left Without Being Seen

The physician’s note about Ms. Z was nothing unusual: Patient exam is relatively benign.  Patient non-adherent with appointments and follow-up. Declines more reliable forms of birth control today- offered IUD and Depo. Patient wants tubal ligation, though also given information regarding vasectomy for partner. And that was the problem. Last week, I wrote about our…

Nov 14

World Vasectomy Day

November 18th is the fourth annual World Vasectomy Day, dedicated to broadening the conversation about family planning and raising awareness of procedure-based birth control. It’s also a day when many men and trans women can get free counseling on birth control and discounted procedures. A vasectomy is a surgical form of contraception that involves cutting…

May 04


Despite compelling evidence about the safety and efficacy of the IUD and the contraceptive implant, there are many barriers to increasing access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC). These barriers include commonly held myths about the methods, up-front costs of purchasing the methods, and a shortage of primary care providers competently trained to insert and remove LARC.…