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Nov 07

World Vasectomy Day: Focus on a Provider

Meet Sarah Miller, MD, MPH, Associate Fellowship Director at the Institute for Family Health and faculty at the Institute for Family Health’s Harlem Residency. She is a family doctor, reproductive health specialist, vasectomist, activist and educator. In celebration of World Vasectomy Day today, we asked Dr. Miller to share her thoughts on vasectomies, family medicine and reproductive health.…

Sep 16

“I was treated better when I had an abortion.”

Linda Prine, RHAP’s medical director, moderates the Access List, a clinical listserv with more than 1,000 subscribers all dedicated to providing abortion care within family medicine and primary care settings. This blog regularly features Linda’s postings to the Access List. I was shocked by the hurt in her voice when our patient started telling us…

Nov 14

A Win! ACGME Guidelines Now Include Family Planning

Back in April the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education–the organization that sets the training standards and accredits all residency training programs in the United States–updated the training standards for Family Medicine. Instead of making the training requirements in women’s health stronger, they weakened them! Training in contraception was no longer required. In fact, family…

Mar 26

Educating the Health Care Leaders of Tomorrow

This week, RHAP presented for the Community HealthCorps Program, a national AmeriCorps group of 18 individuals engaged in a variety of projects to promote access to health care and health information in medically under-served communities all around New York State. This particular group of HealthCorps members is comprised of recent undergrads, many of whom intend…