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Patient education

Jun 05

New Patient Ed Materials!

We are excited to announce that our brand-new fact sheet, “Birth Control Across the Gender Spectrum,” is now available on our website and in our store. This patient education tool covers a comprehensive list of birth control options for folks of varied gender experiences, particularly for people taking gender-affirming hormones like testosterone. This is the…

Aug 11

Patient Resources Now Available in Vietnamese and Hindi + 20% off all store orders!

We are excited to announce that 33 of the Reproductive Health Access Project’s patient education materials are now available in Vietnamese and our Hindi materials will be available by August 11th! By providing our patient education materials in multiple languages, we hope to reach as many populations as possible, ensuring accessibility to important reproductive health care knowledge. Comprehensive and…

Nov 14

World Vasectomy Day

November 18th is the fourth annual World Vasectomy Day, dedicated to broadening the conversation about family planning and raising awareness of procedure-based birth control. It’s also a day when many men and trans women can get free counseling on birth control and discounted procedures. A vasectomy is a surgical form of contraception that involves cutting…

Oct 04

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

About one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage. RHAP believes that everyone experiencing early pregnancy loss should be able to access high-quality, patient-centered care within their own communities. Too often, people experiencing a miscarriage are sent to the emergency room for treatment, which can be frightening and traumatizing during what is often a difficult time. Miscarriage…

Aug 22

Notes from the Field: Dr. Martha Simmons

In light of last month’s Supreme Court victory in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, we asked Dr. Martha Simmons, a 2015-2016 Reproductive Health and Advocacy Fellow, to share a recent patient experience that she found especially meaningful. “Danielle*, one of my regular patients, came to me for a Depo Provera shot. Previously, she had been…

Oct 15

October is Miscarriage Care Awareness Month

“Miscarriage is so common, it should not be marginalized, and there are rarely times that ER care is needed… It shouldn’t feel like special treatment to be respected, to have your worries addressed, and to have your grieving acknowledged.” As RHAP’s Medical Director Linda Prine wrote in a blog post last year, experiencing early pregnancy…