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community health center

Aug 22

Notes from the Field: Dr. Martha Simmons

In light of last month’s Supreme Court victory in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, we asked Dr. Martha Simmons, a 2015-2016 Reproductive Health and Advocacy Fellow, to share a recent patient experience that she found especially meaningful. “Danielle*, one of my regular patients, came to me for a Depo Provera shot. Previously, she had been…

Jun 23

The Physician Matching Project

Clinicians who provide abortion care often do not work in the areas where the need is greatest. This work can be difficult, no matter where you live. But it is hardest on those who live in areas where the laws aren’t supportive, where no one speaks about abortion openly, and where abortion is highly stigmatized.…

Jun 16

Focus on a Provider: Honor MacNaughton

Honor MacNaughton is near and dear to RHAP. She was our first Reproductive Health and Advocacy Fellow from 2007-2008. She still works closely with RHAP. She is currently on the board of directors and is a Reproductive Health Access Network Regional Cluster leader for Boston and Eastern Massachusetts. She is a family medicine physician and…

Jun 27

I Know Why the Caged Birds RHAP

“If she were a normal patient…” Physicians use the words “normal” and “abnormal” to differentiate lab values and physical exam findings. But on this evening in particular, in our student-run free clinic in Pennsylvania, our patient had no apparent anomalies.  When the physician implied she was abnormal, he wasn’t referring to her health. He was…

May 02

Notes from a Doula

In August of 2011, I accepted the unique position as a Women’s Health Advocate at a community health center in New York City.  So, what does this Women’s Health Advocate job entail? Let me explain. I work with women who need reproductive health care as a doula.  Wikipedia defines doula as, “a provider of non-medical…