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men’s health

Jun 20

This June, Talk About Male Contraceptive Options

Reproductive health is an important component of overall health for everyone. Males, however, are often overlooked in discussions of sexual and reproductive health, especially discussions around contraception. This June, in honor of Men’s Health Month, we are highlighting resources that focus on birth control options for men. Your Birth Control Choice Fact sheet highlights all…

Nov 14

World Vasectomy Day

November 18th is the fourth annual World Vasectomy Day, dedicated to broadening the conversation about family planning and raising awareness of procedure-based birth control. It’s also a day when many men and trans women can get free counseling on birth control and discounted procedures. A vasectomy is a surgical form of contraception that involves cutting…

Nov 07

World Vasectomy Day: Focus on a Provider

Meet Sarah Miller, MD, MPH, Associate Fellowship Director at the Institute for Family Health and faculty at the Institute for Family Health’s Harlem Residency. She is a family doctor, reproductive health specialist, vasectomist, activist and educator. In celebration of World Vasectomy Day today, we asked Dr. Miller to share her thoughts on vasectomies, family medicine and reproductive health.…

Apr 02

Notes from a Doula – Caring for Men

As part of my work with the Reproductive Health Access Project, I am a doula for women undergoing reproductive health procedures like colposcopies, IUD or implant insertions or manual vacuum aspiration.  A doula, in essence, is someone who provides emotional support.  At first,  I was not sure how I was going to be able to…