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reproductive justice

Sep 16

Ultrasounds Can Expand Access to Reproductive Health Care

If you’ve been hearing a lot about ultrasound machines lately, it’s most likely because anti-abortion state legislatures across the country are proposing and passing laws that mandate the provision of ultrasounds on anyone seeking abortion care.  These laws regulate who, when and how ultrasounds are performed for abortion care.  Many of these laws require clinicians…

Aug 07

Deep in the Heart of Texas

This post was written by RHAP’s field organizer in Texas, Jenny Horton. She was at the state capital during the July special legislative sessions to vote on a bill that contained sweeping restrictions on abortion access in Texas.  Senator Wendy Davis’s filibuster to prevent passing the bill mobilized reproductive health/rights/justice advocates in the state and…

Dec 06

Increasing Access, Increasing Equality

Since I came out—over a decade ago, which was about the same time I started doing reproductive justice work—my straight friends have asked me why, as a lesbian, I care so much about abortion rights. For a long time, I couldn’t answer their question with anything more than: I’m a lesbian; I’m a feminist; I’m…

Jan 06

RHAP Goes to (Feminist) Boot Camp

We had a truly inspirational day at the RHAP office this Friday. Soapbox. Inc sent over several members of its Winter 2012 Feminist Bootcamp to participate in a papaya workshop. The participants come from all over the U.S. to take part in a week-long program that exposes them to the feminist movement in all its…