Join us to celebrate the Reproductive Health Access Network: 15 years & counting!


Dec 29

Letter from Lisa

I missed my colleagues so much on Wednesday, December 1. I wanted to be with them, listening to the presentation of the pivotal Mississippi abortion case, known as Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, to the Supreme Court. We would have been breaking down every argument and analyzing every statement. But I have been on leave…

Dec 01

Check Out Our Store!

Did you know RHAP has an online store? You can purchase birth control user guides, fact sheets, clinical tools, posters, and t-shirts through our store. RHAP’s user guides include information on various birth control methods such as emergency contraception, IUDs, condoms, pills, the ring, and so much more. Our fact sheets also cover many topics…

Nov 03

RHAP Went Remote!

Almost four years ago, RHAP finally moved into our very first standalone office. This was big for us – we had been working out of a space in a community health center in New York City since our inception, but we had officially outgrown it! Our move was a big deal – we had our…

Oct 27

Telehealth Panel Report Back: Telemedicine for Sexual and Reproductive Health Care

Telehealth–providing health care services and health education remotely through digital and communication technologies–has been thrusted into the mainstream during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly all primary care clinicians in the US (97%) were using some form of telemedicine with patients by April 2020 (2) and telemedicine now accounts for 15 to 20% of health care delivery.…