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May 04

Help Amplify Our Social Media Impact

Building and fostering spaces for community is the core of RHAP’s organizing. Right now, during this time of social distancing, our largest platform for organizing is on social media. Beyond a lone tweet or hashtag, social media platforms have enabled us to amplify calls to action, further connect with primary care clinicians and allied organizations,…

Apr 28

An Update on the Supreme Court

Last month, the Supreme Court heard June Medical v. Russo, a case challenging Louisiana’s admitting privileges law. However, this is not the only reproductive rights case that SCOTUS will be hearing this year. In Pennsylvania v. Trump and Little Sisters v. Pennsylvania (these cases have been consolidated), the Court will hear a case that will determine…

Apr 28

Ensuring Access to Reproductive Health Care During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting inequities that have long existed in our country’s health care system. Many states and the federal government have laws and policies that create barriers to accessing reproductive health care, especially abortion care. Denying health care coverage for abortion, banning telemedicine for abortion, preventing prescription access to medication abortion, mandated ultrasounds,…

Apr 21

#MifeNow: Expanding access to medication abortion and early pregnancy loss care

Mifepristone with misoprostol is the safest, most effective way to manage abortion and early pregnancy loss (EPL) with medications. However, regulations on mifepristone make it difficult for primary care clinicians to provide this basic, evidence-based care. Currently, the US Food and Drug Administration regulates mifepristone under a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS), which means…

Mar 10

Mobilize: An Interview with Katrina Lipinsky

Katrina Lipinsky is a midwifery student at the University of Pennsylvania and co-leader of RHAP’s Philadelphia Cluster. When did you start organizing? My undergraduate degree is in Public & Community Service, which is interesting because I went to a conservative Catholic institution. However, because of this – or perhaps in spite of this – I…

Mar 10

Support: Abortion in Primary Care

The ability to provide abortion care requires more than just being trained. RHAP also works with health centers and clinicians to help them navigate the logistical, bureaucratic, and legislative challenges that come with offering this care. We help them figure out how to schedule appointments, make sure their medical records are set up correctly, that…