Feb 15

Do You Like Us?

Our Facebook Like campaign just wrapped up – and it was a huge success! A generous donor pledged $1 for every new Like (up to 1,000) we received from February 6th through Valentines Day. We started the week with 789 Likes, and even though 1,789 would have been enough for the full donation, we decided…

Jan 29

Winter Weekend Here We Come!

Every year the New York state Academy of Family Physicians (NYSAF) hosts a clinical meeting in Lake Placid that they call the Winter Weekend.  Family docs from across the state come together to network, attend clinical education sessions and enjoy the snow. The state Academy of Family Physician meetings are a great venue for providing…

Jan 06

RHAP Goes to (Feminist) Boot Camp

We had a truly inspirational day at the RHAP office this Friday. Soapbox. Inc sent over several members of its Winter 2012 Feminist Bootcamp to participate in a papaya workshop. The participants come from all over the U.S. to take part in a week-long program that exposes them to the feminist movement in all its…