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Aug 18

Focus on a Provider: Lucia McLendon

Dr. Lucia McLendon was RHAP’s 2012-2013 Reproductive Health and Advocacy Fellow. We recently spoke to her about some of the projects she worked on as a Fellow that are still an important part of her work today. “I became involved in reproductive health care because of my experiences growing up in the rural south. I…

Jul 02

After Hobby Lobby: Taking Action to Ensure Contraception is Basic Health Care for Everyone

The development of safe, effective contraception is widely considered to be one of the greatest public health achievements of the last century. Contraception reduces unintended pregnancy, improves birth outcomes, reduces maternal death and has been correlated with improved health and economic benefits for families and communities. Worldwide, contraception is considered basic health care and access…

Apr 30

A History: the Diaphragm

The concept of cervical barriers has been around for a long, long time. Some of these (pretty creative) objects have included partially squeezed lemon halves, oiled paper disks, algae and seaweed, sponges, and even balls of opium, just to name a few. However, the first official cervical barrier was invented by German gynecologist Friedrich Wilde,…

Jan 17

A History: the Progestin Implant

Nexplanon/Implanon is a type of birth control that lasts three years and is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. A health care professional inserts the implant in your arm, and it is thin plastic rod that releases progestin. Over the 30 years since the implant was introduced, it has gone through many phases and several…

Jan 17

A History: the IUD

The history of the IUD is a tumultuous one. Before the 20th Century there is no clear evidence of the insertion of foreign objects into the human uterus to act as contraception. There is, however, evidence that centuries ago traders in the Middle East used to prevent pregnancy in camels by inserting pebbles into their…

Dec 11

IUD Evangelism

Apparently IUD users love their IUD so much they can’t help themselves from spreading the word about how great a contraceptive option it is.  New York Magazine is calling this phenomena “IUD Evangelism.” Why is getting an IUD an almost spiritual experience?   “..learning about the IUD is like discovering that some benevolent God has been listening to…